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In which Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood go off in search of a stolen Prime Meridian on behalf of the Association for Cooperation in Magical Emigratio (ACME), and write home. Delightfully funny and clever, though you'll probably have to have some familiarity with the Potterverse to appreciate it.

Read it!

Stealth crossover?

This is really a Harry Potter fanfic (Harry/Luna) but relevant to this community's interests. ;)

Luna Lovegood and the Longitudinal Letters, also on FFN or Ao3.

Fanart by puckington

More of their awesome fanart can be found http://puckington.tumblr.com/

New Carmen project!

I don't know if this is allowed, since it's not Carmen/Waldo related, but I think you may be interested in knowing about a new Carmen project that's currently on the making: a graphic novel!! We have a wonderful, talented artist and an amazing writer... this is in a very early stage, but there's a lot of enthusiasm among those involved and it'll be great to see how it develops!

You can read more about it and see a couple of the visual concepts in this facebook page:

The Return of Carmen Sandiego

Enjoy, and leave a word of praise for the artist if you like!!

(Mod, please delete if this is not allowed!)

Bit of Art Manipulation

A picspam of crossover art, including Waldo/Carmen, can be found @ my journal over here

The world is catching on!

I come bearing poetry

I can't explain why I thought I needed to write Carmen Sandiego/Waldo poetry, but I did. I thought you guys might be interested?


I wish you wanted things I could give you,
he said, white eyes wide, hands wreathed about her face,
while she ran her fingers like a ladder
along his horizontal ribs,
galvanic pneumatic magnetic magic
from her thieving flesh
to the lights and lungs and heart of him.

Her roots are showing.
He's tired of hiding.

He gets the hair out of her eyes,
she digs in, kisses the underside of his narrow jaw,
laughs, inappropriately like a magpie,
which fogs his glasses.
I get all the things I want, she tells his teeth,

Mix - My Favorite Place Is Me And You

Medium: Television/books/games
Fandom: Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?/Where's Waldo?
Subject: Carmen/Waldo
Title: My Favorite Place Is Me And You

I keep trying to make a fluffy mix about these two, but it always gets tragic by the end. Sigh.

Mostly Carmen's POV.

( I've been around the world, ain't much that I've missed )